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Oh… let me not bore you more and let me come direct to story. It is a real story. We have four members in hour house. My mother – father, my elder brother and I. Mom and dad both are in government job and they go to office in morning at 9 o’clock. and come back by 6 o’clock in evening. My bother is 4 years elder than me and he is doing B. tech and is in final year now. After my 12th exams, i was free and most of the time spent at home. Due to after exams holiday I was not able to meet my boyfriend too. I used to read sex stories most of the time and whenever feel horny, used to do fingering in my pussy. It was a temporary thing but I was not able to enjoy this as I really wanted to be fucked by a dick now.

One day, I was not doing much. I was reading sex stories on my laptop. It was sex story between real bother and sister. It was about “how a bother seduced her real sister and fucked her”. It was really horny and very sexy story. I became wet. My pussy leaked so much. Now, I wanted a dick in my pussy. I was not able to control my horny emotions. After reading my story, I had a naughty idea in my mind and thought, why not i should try the same to my brother? He is hot and sexy. He must be think about sex? His dick must be erected and want a pussy? If everything will goes well, He will enjoy me and my pussy will also get a dick. I will all this at home and I need to find dicks outside home.

My brother is very smart and my friends give line to him. My brother and I, we both were in very close relationship since starting but we never talked on sex. My brother was at home that time and i thought to give a try to idea. I came out from my room. He was in drawing room and was sleeping on sofa. TV was switched on. I believed, she slept while watching TV. He was seen some romantic movie and very bold scene was on TV. I called out my brother but he was in deep sleep. I had shaken her but still he had not responded. I thought, he was in deep sleep. But, his dick was erected. It was like that he had some sex dream. His dick was huge and I had not seen any dick in real since few days. I felt hot and horny. My pussy was instantly leaked. I had kept my hand on brother’s dick and pulled back in sometime. My brother was still sleep and didn’t respond.

My gathered some courage and i touched his erected dick one more time. That time, i felt her dick size. It was huge like monster, very thick and long. It must around 9 inch long. I dick was completely wet and my cum was coming out from my panty and was flowing on my things. Then, I untied my borther’s belt and unloosen her pant. Then i pulled down her pant and underwear little down. He was clean shaved from down. His dick was really beautiful. It was like red hot iron rod.

I was totally seduced seeing her big dick. My bother was still sleeping. I had taken his dick in my hands but it was huge. I was thinking to get fucked with that monster tool but my bother was still sleeping and was not giving any response. I was not able to control any more. I had kissed on her dick tip. I was not able to control anymore. I had taken his dick in my mouth and started sucked it. His was huge and it was little in my mouth. I love to suck dicks and his dick was really juicy. I had lost myself in licking and sucking. I never thought off, if my bother will get up. What will he think? How will he react?

Suddenly, this came in my mind and I had seen to her face. He was already awaked and was seeing me silently. He said me nothing and was smiling. I ignored him and started sucking his dick again. I think, he was liking my sucking. Now, I was enjoying and started licking his dick with my big long tongue. I had taken his entire dick in my mouth and he started playing with my hairs. He started pushing her butts to give his dick deep in my mouth.

My brother was not able to control anymore. He pulled me over him and started kissing me. I was responding well and supporting him. He had given his tongue in my mouth and was licking and sucking me well. Then, he removed my top. I don’t wear bra whenever be at home. As he removed my top, my boobs was free. They were in front of my brother. My brother gone mad seeing my sexy boobs and started pressing them hard. He had become really wild and was pushing my body hard. He had taken my one boob in his mouth and was sucking it and other boob was pressing with his hand. He was pressing them so hard that it became painful for me. But, I didn’t wanted to do any nonsense in between. So, I was enjoy the pain.

I was seeing him. He had become so wild and was not able to control anymore. He made me settle on his dick. He caught me by my back and sat his dick on my pussy. He pushed me down with force and his entire dick went inside my pussy in very first shot. It was really painful. I had fucked so many times. My pussy was very wet but still his dick was so huge that i started cry and shouting with pain. I felt, his dick was like red hot iron rod and it was going inside my pussy hole. My brother was stroking from bottom. I was moaning in pain ahah ahaha.. ahahah… ahahaha… hmmmm… My butt was shaking and my bother was enjoying my painful voice and was increasing his speed with every stroke.

After 10 minutes of fucking, He had changed his position and slept me on sofa. He kept my legs on his shoulder and started stoking me hard. His entire dick was going inside and was fucking me deep. I feeling, as his dick was fucking deep me till uterus. It was painful but i was enjoying this. He was so wild and hot. He was much – much sexier than my boyfriend. I had not got such kind of fucking before.

After sometime, he pulled his dick out from my pussy and pushed in my mouth. He had fucked me more tha 1 hour and he had not cum yet. I sucked his dick for some time and then he asked me to sleep on table. He was fucking me on table. Now, he was about to cum. His speed was increased and he was stroking really fast. He had dropped her entire cum in my pussy only. I was completely satisfied. Then, He had fallen on me and we slept like that only for some time. Then, he kissed me and i came back to my room. I cleaned myself and dressed as my parent supposed to come back to home anytime.

Now, it was our daily routine when our parent went to office. We had fucking sex all the day and enjoy. He got to know that i love to be fucked like a bitch. He called his friends and fucked me in group too. I had awesome sex with my brother and his friend. My boyfriend was not a good fucker in front of my brother and his friends. I had broken up my boyfriend and now looking for one who can  fucked me more harder than my brother. They had fucked my asshole too. But that story, I will share some other time.

So friends, please write me back if you like my real sex encounter with my elder brother. If you have brother and you also have same kind of sex feeling as mine, try this trick to your brother. It is always good to find some fucking partner at home before find outside. You can enjoy anytime at home and your secret will always be safe inside home only… THINK!!!

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