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Hi  I  am karthik 35yrs old,my wife asha 32yrs old . We got married 8 yrs back blessed with 2 children. I am also blessed with a sexy sister in law. She is also married blessed with a kid. Her husband is in abroad. He used to visit twice in a year. She is living with her in laws. Both my wife and sis were brought up in a conservative way but they are modern due to their education,both are graduates.

My sil’s name is nisha, 28 yrs old, she is very fair,smooth skin texture,her stats are 32/28/34. Height 5’5. Her favorite dress is saree and chudis/salwar kameez. She will dress mostly tighter to show her assets.

Coming to the story my fil’s place is situated 50 kms frm my place ,there’s no bus or train facility from her place to her father’s place. So she used to come to my place and go. Like that one day she came to my place to visit her fathers place . It was in the christmas holiday. I decided to have her this time, I  planned how to fuck her . I collected some information about drugs,got the drugs from the stores, I  made it into powder into two packets. One for my wife to hav undisturbed sleep and another to my sexy sis.

I went home after  I  am prepared. I dont want to waste time like seducing or make her accept for sex,so  I  planned a different way to have her. I buzzed my bell. She only opened the door. She was in nighty,greeted me with her sexy smile.

I enquired about her in laws and about her husband. Kids were playing in their room. Mine is a 3 bedded apartment . I went to have bath. Carefully  I  kept the nammed packets in my shelf. I had my bath,shaved my parts cleanly,dressed in my night suit. By the time they prepared the children to eat and made beds for all.

After finishing dinner the kids they went to their room and played,during that time we had dinner. We were chatting as casually as we used to do before,during the chat  I  analysed that she is missing her sex very much. Being brought up in conservative background these girls in our society are suffering so much. I like to help her but without her knowledge.

Nisha after dinner went to make the children sleep,my wife were washing the utensils. These sister’s planned to sleep in one room,children in another one and me in the last one(alone). I went to watch tv during that time. My wife prepared and kept masala milk(specially for the guests)in the dining table. She called me to take it. I went there with the packets in my pocket. I looked around they were busy with their work,so  I  decided that  I  can start the work now,so  I  mixed the powder and also served myself to my sis. She was so happy and accepted it. She began to drink,till that time  I  was talking with her. She finished and praised her sister for a nice tastier dinner.

By the time my wife finished and drank hers. I went to watch tv. They both came to living room to watch tv,we chatted again about musics/movies/heros/heroines/commedians etc. . . . . . , I  was noticing for the drug reaction. Firstly my sis told that she feel sleepy,my wife also began to feel sleepy ,so they told me goodnight and went. Meanwhile  I  took a pill for my longer erection.

The weather was cold out side. So waited for for the right time,after 30 mins  I  went to see the situation. Slowly  I  opened the door,watched in the dim light from the living room,both sisters were fast asleep,covering fully due to chill climate. I swithched on the night lamp. I went to my wife checked her,she is sleeping like a log,confirmed that ther wont be any interference. Now  I  looked towards my sexy sis,due to the drug effect she is also in deep sleep. Slowly  I  removed the sheet allowed the chill air to pass through. There were slight movement between her legs. I removed the sheet completely. She moved her legs towards her stomach.

I sat beside her fondled her slowly,lifted her nighty slowly, I  started to kiss her forehead,then her cheek,ended in her lips, slowly licked her lips,circling it sensously,grabbed her left breast with my left hand,started to massage it, she changed her position,she came to hug me her hands circled my neck but she is in deep sedation, I  have given her a combination of sedation with muscle relaxant and sexual stimulating drug.

Slowly  I  removed her hands and stood to see her actions,she was induced now,her secretions are at high,she needs a man now  I  lifted her and carried to my room. I made her lie in the center of my cot,

Slowly removed my clothes and became naked, I  kept a tissue roll from my restroom,closed the door. There was a sign of relief in me. I felt proud that  I  am going to get a much awaited treasure in my life.

I came to her started taking photograph’s. Removed her nighty slowly, wow what a sight,she is creamy. I got jealous to her husband also pity for him. Sexy  I  thought,god have created her with great care. I think he was in good mood then. Now she is in her panty and bra. Took pics then removed her bra,pics,then panty. I parted her legs it was less bushy, I  thought she used to trim her pubic regularly. I took her private parts into my camera.

Now the time has come for action,now the time is 12 am , I  sat beside

Her and began to suck her nipple first,its dark brown in color . I massaged her other boobs with my left hand,with my right hand  I  inserted it to her cunt lips. She started to move in lust,her hands were searching to hold something,she caught my head,lifted her back slightly,arching her body initiated by sucking and fingering, I  kissed her stomach moved towards her cunt lips,a slight gasp escaped from my nisha now she started to moan now, I  tongue fucked her,teethed her clit,she came in a short while. Her body rested.

Now my cock was rock hard  I  moved over her,started kissing her in her lips she responded to my proceedings,she opened her legs and lips for me, I  inserted my tongue inside her and explored,tasted her saliva,now my junior was ready to penetrate her, I  positioned accordingly to her outer lips slowly inserted inside her, I  kept one hand under her back,another one around her neck, I  pierced her with slow jerks,oh my god she is too tight,her vaginal muscles gripped me tightly,for about 5 mins  I  fucked her slowly thus expanding to my organ,after that  I  moved faster inside her,her lips were locked with mine,her moaning were felt by my tongue. After 15 mins of fucking  I  came. I felt gripping over my cock by her vaginal muscle.

I got exhausted and lied over her. She might be fucking in her dreams,but she doesn’t know that she was fucked in real. I withdrew my organ,cleaned with tissue,also cleaned her,and began to suck her nipples. Kissed all over her body. There is no place in her body that my tongue left. Each and every part of her body was licked, sucked,kissed by me.

Now my organ ready for another action, I  fucked her till  I  got tired. I saw the clock it shows 5am in the morning, I  dont know how many  I  fucked her(might be 6-7 times). I am totally exhausted and fully satisfied. I wiped the cum from her using tissue paper,also cleaned inside her vagina. Wiped her body with wet tissue to avoid any smell of my saliva. Dressed her clothes in position,carried to her bed and covered her fully, I  kissed her and said thank you nisha in her ears. I came to my room,cleaned the room,collected all waste tissues in a cover to through out while going to office.

I slept and woke late at 9 am ,by the time my wife got up and did all morning works,kids started to play,they said good morning and kissed me, I  kissed nisha’s kid, said good morning. My wife inquired about the delay in getting up, I  told  I  slept very late, I  was watching a movie. I took bath and came for breakfast,till then no sign of nisha there. I inquired to my wife. My wife told ,’nisha also seeping like you’, I  smiled to myself and went to office.

In the office  I  downloaded all the photos and also discarded all the waste tissues on the way. I phoned home in the afternoon to know the situation,came to know that nisha woke up at 11am also she’s having pain all over. I advised some painkiller to her. Kept the phone in full satisfaction.

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