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I was not much in talk with my aunty. But, ones my mom and dad went to out of country for sometime for some business work. I had to stay back due to my studies. I had to stay to my aunty house. My aunty is super hot woman. Her boobs are so big and sexy that everyone love to have sex with her. I also want to have sex with her. My dick was always erected seeing her sexy boobs. She wear loose sleeve blouse and also deep neck and almost backless. Due to deep neck blouse, her boobs be visible to everyone and me too.

Her ass was too big. I always wanted to fuck her. I had her picture which i had clicked when she was bathing. She was all naked. I used to see her and masturbate on her name.

One day, we two were in house and her 2 years daughter too. She was in kitchen and was cooking food for me. I asked to get food for me.

I – aunty, please get me food.

Aunty – yes, give me 5 minutes.

It was almost 20 minutes but aunty didn’t came. I went to kitchen. As i reached on door, i heart some strange sounds ahha ahh ahhha…. Aunty was in bathroom which was just next to her kitchen. Door was closed. I saw from the keyhole. I was wondered. She was all nude and was fingering in her pussy.

I came back to my room.

her baby got up and was crying. Aunty came inside and taken into arm and was feeding her. Her boobs came out. I am starring her boobs. It was so awesome guys. I was not able to control myself.

She noticed me and asked – what are you looking?

I said – nothing aunty.

Aunty – I am seeing and know, what are you starring? But, you are kid. You will do when right age will come.

When all slept in night, aunty came to my bed and laid next to me. I was awaked but i didn’t said even a single word. She was wearing red coloured lingeries. She hugged my tight. My face was inside her boobs.

She was thinking that i was sleeping. She slept with me all night.

When i got up in morning, no one was in room and my aunty was changing the clothes. She was all nude and then worn all clothes.

It happened for 2 – 3 days. She used to sleep with me in night and go to her bed before morning.

One morning, no one was at home. I was seeing a porn movie at my laptop. Suddenly, aunty came to my room. She saw me watching that porn video and asked me.

Aunty – hmm… what is going on?

I said – nothing aunty. Opened by mistake.

Aunty smiled and said – it ok. If you will not do these being young then will you do in old age?

I said – please, don’t tell about these to my parent.

Aunty – ok. But i need a favor.

I said – yes. No problem. Whatever you will say. I will do.

Aunty – ok. I am thirsty. Satisfy me.

I said – how?

Aunty – see this porn and fuck me like that. You make me satisfy and I will make you happy.

We both were in bed in night. Uncle was out of town that night.

Aunty was all naked and she had taken out a condom from bedside drawer. She came close to me. I was seeing her. She caught me and pulled my T shirt out. Then, she asked me to stand up and she pulled down my nikar too.

She caught my hairs and kissed me. I also kissed on her lips. I had given my tongue in her mouth and we were sucking each other tongue for minutes. We kissed each other for 20 minutes. Then, she removed my underwear and taken my dick in her hand. She was sucking my dick well. I was pressing her dick hard and then started sucking her nipples. Then, she put the condom on my dick and slept on bed. I was inviting me now to fuck her. I went her and put my dick on her pussy. I stroked and my tip of the dick got inside. My dick was bigger for her. She felt pain and cried little but the she was relaxed. I started pushing my dick in and was pulling out. I was stroking hard by moving my ass fast. My dick was hurting her inside but still she was enjoying. I hugged her tight and was kissing her hard. We had sex in different – different positions. She came over me and was jumping on my dick. Then she kept her face on my chest and said – you are very strong. It was pleasure to get fucked from your young and strong dick. She was moaning in pleasure ahah ahah ahah… I was not stopped myself and fucked her al night. My dick become small after 3 times of fucking. She had taken my dick in her mouth and was sucking it hard and till long time.

I also lick her pussy and kept my mouth in her pussy for long. We both enjoyed. We slept in each other arms and i slept giving my face in her boobs. We both awaked together in morning.

She was looking fresh and happy and said –

Aunty – you enjoyed?

I said – yes aunty. It was wonderful.

Aunty – lovely. Now, I will give you fun day and night.

I asked – means.

Aunty – you can touch me anywhere any time now onwards. and also fuck me any time.

I said – but, without condom, you will be pregnant?

Aunty – no problem, without condom, you can fuck my asshole.

After that day, i was very close to aunty and whenever we get chance, we have sex. Now, when she use to work in kitchen, i go and press her boobs and butts and give finger in her asshole. I go in her room when she rest in her room without noticing anyone and we have sex.

She also like this kind of sex relationship. When we alone at home and she bath. I get into bathroom and we have sex in bathroom. I fuck her pussy with condom and also fuck her asshole without condom. When i fuck her, it is like i am in heaven. Friends, do you also be in such kind secret relationship with someone?

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