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I am Rajveer Singh, currently doing B. B. A. from a private college in Pune. I’m 23, and I’m the most fair n handsome boy of my college, with great muscular body and bare chest. I am from Himachal, but currently living in Pune with my mom Shravanya Kaur. My dad Mr. Gunjeet Kaur lives in California. Here the main story starts. . .

Let me first tell you about my mom. Her name is Shravanya Kaur, and she’s a well educated lady, but a homemaker, as dad sends us money every month. Mom is very very beautiful and I think nobody is fair in complexion than mom, she looks white like foreigners. Her hairs are black and long, and her eyes are big n beautiful. Her height is 5 ft 7 inch and her figure is 38-29-34, well maintained as she do yoga regularly.

One day mom called me inside her room. When I reached there, my eyes were just struck on her white milk like body. She was standing in peticote and blouse. Her cleavage was soft and creamy. She said “Rajveer, can you tie the strings of my blouse on backside, my hands are not reaching there.

I said”sure mom”, and gone at backside of mom and then I tied the strings. The blouse was low neck and at the back, there were only two strings. I tied then very tight, suddenly mom said”ouch”. I said”is it tight”? She said”no no let it be yaar, tight ke bina
maza nahi aata”. I said”may iI go now”? She just then hugged me tightly and said”yes and thanks”. I ran ran to the washroom and jerked off heavily. After that, I went to college and returned in the evening.

Then during dinner, mom was wearing that sexy saree only. She served me the dinner and after that she was eating and I was serving her. Suddenly she said”ouch, its itching on my backside, can you scratch it”? I said”sure mom”, and started scratching and asked”now is it OK”?

She said”yes my son”. After that, when I was about to sleep, mom entered to my room and sat beside me. Then she said”every lady in our society wears salwaar kurtis, but I wear saree only, if I wear salwaar kurti, do you have any problem”? I replied”oh mom, you are very very beautiful and fit, so in salwaar soot, you’ll look more beautiful, as well as like a 28 year young girl. Yes, you’re free to wear anything, it’ll be my pleasure to see you in salwaar kurti”. She smiled and said”aww my sweet son, thanks”, and again she hugged me tightly and I was feeling her soft n large juicy boobs on my chest. Then she released me, kissed on my cheeks and left the room.

Next day was a holiday, mom and I went for shopping. We purchased two full sleeves kurtis for mom, and then I said”mom, instead of salwaar, you should wear leggings”. She said”OK, I think you are more conscious about me”. I said”ya mom”. Then we purchased two leggings for mom. Then mom purchased a makeup kit and we returned back home. After that I said”mom, I’m feeling excited to see you first time in legging and kurti, please wear it for me, please”. Then she gone to her room and when she came back, I was just amazed! She was looking very very hot n sexy. Her boobs were about to jump out of her kurti. She said”are yaar ye thodi tight lag rahi hai”. I replied”no mom, wow!its looking fabulous” .

She passed a smile and and said”I’ll wear these types of clothes only, instead of saree, I feel more comfortable in this”. I replied”and more gorgeous too”. I then at night, made a fake email ID and sent incest stories to mom’s ID. Next day, I observed that mom was staring at my bare chest. I was happy that mom read those stories. Then I decided that I’ll show off my body to mom, so I decided not to wear anything on top at home. I pulled off my T-shirt and went to the kitchen where mom was preparing dinner. I hugged her tightly from backside, suddenly she said”Leave me Rajveer, I’m feeling hot”. I said”why do you bought this full kurti? You should purchase a new style kurti”. She said”fine, we’ll purchase it tomorrow.

During dinner, mom was staring at my bare chest. Suddenly she asked”do you have any girlfriend”? I replied”yes”. She asked”who’s that lucky girl to have such a handsome boyfriend”? I replied”its you mom, I’ve not seen any girl beautiful than you”. She was just shocked to hear this. Then I said”I was just kidding mom”, and we both laughed. At night, while I was just about to sleep, mom came to my room and said”may I sleep with you, I’m feeling lonely”. I agreed and she slept beside me. In the morning when I woke up, mom was sleeping on me, and her head was on my chest. I said”wake up mom”, and she woked up. Then after bathing, we went to purchase the modern kurtis for mom, but then I said”mom, you purchase tank tops, they’re also like kurtis only, and they suit on fair people. She said”OK, and then she purchased four tank tops, which were sleeveless and backless, having only a strip tied from front to the backside of neck, and a single string at the back. Then we returned back home. She went to her room and wore red legging with yellow backless tank top, and she loosened her hairs also, which were long till her butts. When she came in front of me, I just couldn’t control myself and hugged her very tightly, then I kissed all over her face continuously for 10 to 15 times, on her both cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose, chin and a light kiss on her red juicy lips at the end.

She said “I’m happy that you like my new look”. I again kissed her cheek very tightly and said”this top suits on you, your malaidaar white fair biceps and bare back are making me mad”. She this time kissed my cheeks and said”thanks son”. Then she hugged me and I saw that her armpits and legs are very hairy. I said”mom, only three things are there which I don’t like, your hairy legs, armpits and your bra hooks, which are visible as your top is backless”. She said”oh my son, I’ll get all my hairs cleaned, I’m going to beauty parlour”, and then she went to the beauty parlour.

After she came back, she was looking very gorgeous. She got her hairs curled from bottom, as well as her legs and armpits shaved. I this time kissed her underarm and said”now you go and remove your bra, then it’ll be perfect. She then gone to her room, removed her bra and again wore that yellow backless tank top. I just then kissed her back and said”very very beautiful”. I’ll call you Shravya from today, instead of mom, because you donot look like a married lady”. She then said”tomorrow I’ve to buy
shots and get my navel pierced”. I said”ok shravya”.

Then next day morning, while I was sleeping, mom came and kissed my chest and said”wake up darling”. I suddenly sat and kissed her cleavage line and said”as you wish”. I went to college, and while returning I bought a rose flower for mom. I knocked the door, and when she opened the door, she wore a short red backless and deep neck tank top, which was not even covering her navel, which she got pierced. She was also wearing tides and her whole juicy body was looking very sexy. I again kissed her on face about 10 to 15 times and then I went inside. She said”can you massage my legs, they’re paining”. I said”OK Shravya”, then I changed my clothes and wore nothing on top, and went to mom’s room.

Mom was lying on her bed. I sat beside her and gently took her heels off her toes. Then I started pressing her toe and massaging it. She pressed her lower lip with her teeths. During massage, I said”Shravya, from where do you get the idea of becoming modern”? She replied”my friend Gitanjali lives here only, she told me that I’m beautiful and modern clothes will suit on me”. I said”is she also modern”? She said”yaa”. Ireplied”but may not be beautiful like you”. She said “aww, so sweet of you”. While I was massing her toes, she was moaning like hmm, yeeaahhh, that’s good.

Then she said”my friend also have son like you, but not as handsome as you, he also suck her toes fingers whenever massaging her”. I said”mom, you are like a piece of butter, I can also suck your toes” and then I started sucking her toes, for around 10 to 15 minutes, this continued, then she suddenly kissed my chest and started licking my upper body. This continued for about 10 minutes.

Then I took out the chocolate piece from my bag and kept it half in my mouth and half was out. I and mom then looked each other and then, she grabbed the remaining half by her juicy lips. Wow!we were eating a chocolate in common. slowly and slowly our lips touched each other’s and finally we kissed heavily, we tasted each other’s saliva along with chocolate, during kissing, and I untied mom’s tanktop’s string at her back and pulled off her top. I said”wow Shravya, you are very very sexy”.

Then I sucked her boobs heavily, I also spit the chocolate on her boobs and sucked them heavily. Then she unzipped my pant and started sucking my cock. She also swallowed the cum, coming out of my cock. Then I pulled off her tides and panty and started licking her hairy pussy. I licked it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then again we kissed and licked each other’s tongues. Then she sat on my lap and I inserted my cock inside her pussy, and started fucking her heavily. she was shouting loudly like aaahhhhh, ouuucccchhhh, mmmmhhhaaaaaa, aaaaeeeee, then I grabbed her mouth and locked my lips with hers to control the shouting. I started to spit in her mouth and she too spitted in my mouth while kissing. We both were swallowing each other’s salivas. Then after a heavy fucking, she again lyed on me and started licking my chest and armipts. She was also biting my nipps and sucked them. Then I pushed her down and I was now on her. I again sucked her boobs and bited her nipples.

Then I started licking her whole body, including her armpits, face, neck, boobs, ass, pussy, thighs, hands and after that she also licked my whole body from head to toe. We both were now shining by each other’s salivas. Then I again inserted my cock in her pussy, and fucked her again. Then after I released her, she licked my armpits. Then I fucked her in doggy style. After this, she sat and I jerked off on her face and her boobs. Then she swallowed my cum and said”I wanted this baby”. We both then grabbed each other and slept nude for the whole night.

Next day morning, we bathed together in the bathtub and then we went to see a movie in the theater. We kissed in the theater during the movie. Then I purchased a strawberry flavoured condom. After reaching home, I wore condom on my dick and mom sucked it heavily. I than filled ice cream in my mouth and spitted it in mom’s mouth. We again slept nude with each other.

We enjoy our sex life a lot, hope you enjoyed this sex story!

copied : sucksex.com/incest/my-sex-mom-sharvanya/

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