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Hi friends, I am amar sharma from gujarat I wanted to share with you all my own real experience with my younger sister she is 21 year old studying in ba I have dome my masters from gujarat only and working with a company

This thing happened with I along with my sister was traveling along with my sister to indore a place in mp ,

We had our booking in shanti express for indore ,we were actually going to indore for her entrance test purpose, we had RAC booking in that train as it is the only train to indore from gujarat , till last day it dint got confirmed my was in RAC only , we had no choice but to travel that way only , that to make things worse it was raining too . Some how we reached station and decided to travel to indore on rac reservation only ,by the way I must tell you that my sister is above average in look and a very homely girl like any other simple girl of our nab-our hood who comes to home on time and hot very out spoken we are from middle class but all our family member are well educated , mt dad is in government job

So in the trail we got one birth to share ,that was a side birth , there was a elderly person traveling in the same compartment he got the upper birth as he was old so he requested if we can share our lower birth with him we thought its a good bargain as we will get the little bigger birth to sit and that too the upper birth away from the dirty wet floor because of rain so we decided to share our birth I purchased some novel and started reading it my sister was busy in last minute revision of the text as she was suppose to give exam next day

When we crossed baroda it was 10 pm we had our dinner and the we sat on the upper birth as all people in the compartment were ready to sleep .Most of the lights in the compartment were closed and the windows were closed because of rail it was feeling little cold too ,well I am 27 by the way .

I told my sister to take out the bed sheet and lets share as was little cold , after about 1 hr we were talking all general topic , I and my sis started feeling sleepy I told my sister to sleep as she has to give exam the next day

She told ok and prepared for sleep as the space was less so I told you place your head beside me and sleep I will some how manage to get some sleep in sitting posture any ways as there was no choice she agree and arranger her self .But she was finding it difficult ,she body was touching my body and I compartment there was dark as all where sleeping ..Only some lights where on , I had a strange feeling on all this some thing was happening in me , my breathing was getting heavy as her body was very close to me and her boobs where touching my legs and was getting hard in side , I wanted to stop but the man in me was saying a beauty is sleeping near you.  Do some thing

I placed my hand around her and acted as in fact I am also trying to sleep , , after about another half hour or so I decided to take chance I touched my sister lips as if doing my mistake , I think she was in sleep she was not responding at all then after some time I started feeling her lips as if I am loving her adoring her ,she dint moved at all..I was getting horny during all this after some time I got little bolder and placed my hand above near her boobs.I wanted to see her response ,she adjusted a little when I did that I thought I will become angry if I proceed further, I stopped after that another half hr passed there was not sleep in my mind at all , I wanted to really fell my younger sister. She was really making me crazy .I decided to do some thing again again I placed my hand near her boobs ,she dint moved this time , I started feeling her boobs with one finger to start with ..Was actually accessing this situation ,the movement of the train was helping me ..When nothing happened , I got bolder I placed my hand on her boobs and waited for some response ..As we were on upper birth so I was sure no one is watching us and there was very little light in the bogi . When she did t moved I started feeling her boobs with my full hand ..I was breathing very heavy and was sweating with sex feeling . I just can tell feeling of fear and lust inside me.

After some time I decided to do the real thing I decided to feel my sister skin . I entered my hand inside the bed sheet , I placed my hand and lifted the salwaar suit and tried to bring my hand closer to m sisters boobs ..When I reached her bra I was trembling with fear ..What will happen next ..Will my younger sister stop me ..Will she caught me ..Will she stop me .All sort of question . .??? I stopped for some time to my surprise my sister dint moved at all as if in deep sleep ..I placed my hand on her bra. My god I was touching my sisters boobs skin . .It was so soft ..As if its silk. Young girls boobs are really soft. I started pressing my own real sisters boobs over her bra and was feeling her skin , I can feel her grown nipple over her boobs , I initially was massaging one or twice in 15 seconds but after some time ii increased frequency of pressing her boobs . Feeling own sister boobs was a world class experience . I wanted to remove my sisters bra and suck her boobs . But I was in train and cant do that ..I adjusted and from the upper side entered my hand in my sisters bra and for the first time felt my sisters nipple it was small and round ,tight it felt so good

I was on cloud nine I almost forgot the the girl next to me is my real own younger sister . I cupped her full boobs in my hand and press her like any thing. .Felt her both boobs for quite a long . .I at that time ejaculated in my underwear . .Ohhh got what a feeling it was massaging own younger sister boobs and cuming in the underwear. I felt very week..But the desperation to feel my sister pussy was going stronger ..Actually I thought let feel pussy ..Who know when I will get chance next..In my life I never felt any girl body before . And was for the first time feeling own sister body . I removed my hand to wands my sisters salwaar ..Tried to enter my hand but it was really tight . Why grils tie it so tight I don’t understand ..Some how I entered my sister salwar and my was over my sisters panty. Friends I tell you it was wet..Really wet as if she had pissed a little. Ohhhh got my sisters pussy was full of hair as if never trimmed it I can feel then over her penty..I decided to enter my hand in my sisters penty. What a feeling now actually I got very bold was not as nervous as earlier . It was full of hair and the hair around pussy lips was very wet. .My heart was beating very fast as f it will come out. .Was I dreaming. .I dint believe that I am put my hand in my real sisters penty and feeling her pussy..I just placed my hand on her pussy for some time.Her salwaar was also tight I was unable to move my hand freely. After some time I started feeling her pussy lips ..She moved a bit ..Again tried touching the inner side of her pussy ..She moved her thighs closer which made my job difficult .

I removed my hand out side . It was a strange feeling . I climbed down went in toilet and masturbated again..I don’t from where energy came in me to masturbate again. .When train came to station at around 2 or 3 am I had tea ..And then when train started claimed the seat again..My sister in the mean time adjusted her. .I dint do anything again after then ,,but this was best night for me.

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