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Hello  friends, my name is Mohit and my name is 20 years. I am good looking and my lund size is 8 inch. I am regular reader of sex stories and this website. I am writing my stories here first time. I am here to share my first night sex experience.

It happened 2 years before. It was January month and my uncle used to do business and he had to go out of town for her business work. My aunty was alone at home. She asked my dad to send me to her home in night. My aunty didn’t wanted to stay alone in night. My dad sent me to sleep that in my aunty home.

My aunty is good looking and her ass was really awesome. Whenever she been in suit and walk in front of me. I always think to fuck her. But, I never take this intention seriously. I had reached around 10 to her home. She was in her bedroom and was sitting on bed.

She saw me and said – you have come now. Lets do dinner first. Then, you sleep with here in my bed. How will you sleep alone in drawing room.

I said – ok aunty.

We had our dinner and then we went for sleep. I awaked suddenly in night and i felt some pressure on my face. I opened my eyes and saw her big boobs were just in front of me. My dick had become instantly hard and i was feeling horny but i had controlled myself.

I woke up and went to washroom. I came back and slept. But, i was not able to sleep. I opened my eyes again and saw her lips was just in front of my eyes.

Now, I was not able to control myself. I had kept my lips on her lips. I was licking her lips and she was also supporting me. She waked up and switched on light. I was scared. I thought that my aunty will be annoyed. I was scared if she will tell about all this to my dad.

Aunty asked – what were you doing?

I said – I am sorry aunty. I made a mistake. Please don’t complain.

She smiled and came to me. She had kept her lips on my lips and started kissing me. She was licking my lips hard. She was doing like a thirsty female. She said – i will not tell anything to anyone. But, you have to satisfy me tonight.

I got to know that aunty was very horny and wanted to get fucked. I asked – what happened aunty? Don’t uncle fuck you? She said – you uncle have sex ones in a month and cum so early and I always be thirsty for complete satisfaction. Please fuck me hard tonight.

I said – its ok aunty. I will fuck you tonight and you will feel that you are having your first fucking.

She started kissing me. I stopped her and asked her to change the clothes.

She said – hmm.. what happened? I am in night gown only. Why should i change?

I asked him to wear bra and panty and said – come and we will have fun.

She was smiling and went. She came back in 5 minutes wearing black coloured bra – panty and white coloured saree. I was getting mad seeing her. She was looking gorgeous. Her big boobs were eager to come out from bra.

I had taken her boobs in my hands and started kissing them. Was kissing me too and had put her hand in my underwear. She was playing with my butts. I also gave my hand in her panty was was fingering inside her asshole.

It was going for 5 minutes. I felt cold and i had removed her saree. We had been blanket now and we had been all naked now. My dick was fully erected and hard now. I was keeping fingering in her pussy now.

She was eager now and said – fuck me now. Push your dick in my pussy. I can’t control anymore now. I made her sleep on bed and came over her. I had kept my dick on her pussy and stroked. half of my dick went inside and she started shouting aaaaaaaa… oooo.. So big… She was sounding in pain. She was asking to pull out my dick.

But, I was so horny and i ignored her. I had pushed again and given my entire dick inside. I was just stroking hard and pushing and pulling my dick in and out. She was also enjoying and her pain was transformed in fun. She was sounding ahha ahh ahah.. fuck me.. ahahah… fuck me… fuck your aunty… make me wet…

After 15 minutes, i was about to cum. I asked – where should i drop? She said – released inside. I had cum. I had dropped my cum inside and fallen on her. We slept for a while and then, she came over me and started sucking my dick.

She was a great sucker. I believe she used to suck alot. My dick was hard again. Now she came over me and sat on my dick. This time, my dick was in her asshole. Her asshole was wide opened. I believed, her asshole was fucked alot. My dick went inside easily.

She was jumping on my dick and ridden my dick for sometime. Then, i had gone crazy and i pulled her in my arms without pulling out my dick out and made her in doggy position. I was stroking really hard. She was moaning ahh ahh ahaha… fuck me… fast… fast… hard… harder… yes…. i was about to cum now. I had pulled my dick out and released my all cum on her butts. Aunty took all cum in hand and licked.

It was 3 o’clock in night. We went to bathroom to clean ourselves. She cleaned my dick and we came back. We slept so relaxed. I woke up after sometime and saw aunty was sleeping and i started licking her pussy. She also woke up and was moving her butts and pushing head in her pussy. I started fucking her again.

I fucked her all night and had fun. She was all satisfied that night. Now, whenever we get chance. We have sex. So friends, please share your comments for story for sure.

copied from : sucksex.com/aunties/aunty-loved-my-dick/

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