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It was summer going on June, probably when this all started, priya has always been my sex fantasy since I was 18 when I really noticed her sexy body. It was vacations going on of our college ( we were in same college) and I and priya were all alone in house our parents were out of town because my nanaji was counting his last breathe. I love going gym and shaping my body. That day when I came back from gym to my surprise priya was wearing my shirt which was long enough for her to cover half of her sexy legs. I said

Priya why are u wearing my shirt???

Priya:  bhaiya you know all my suits are so uncomfortable to wear and its hot as hell so I. . . . . . . . But if you say I would re. . . . I interrupt her and said leave it you are looking very pretty my doll. She blushed and said in a low tone bhaiya do you need something?? Sensing the opportunity I said priya I’m having a sever pain in my body would you please give me a massage? ?

Priya: of course

I- ok, get the oil from my shelve, I removed my shirt and lower it was just a underwear I was wearing

Priya: stumped to see me semi naked. . Bhaiya please lay down and tell where to start from?

I: chest.

Priya :ok

I: be gentle and take your time priya. “She took the oil in her hand sat between my legs her vagina and my penis were in very short distance”

Priya :after 2-3 min. Of massage said ” bhaiya is it feeling good?

I:oh yes my doll( I  used call her doll when ever I was in good mood)

Priya:what happened bhaiya you seems to be too happy today.

I: yes, u know why? ?

Priya(innocently) why?

I: because my jaanu is going to get a fuck from his adi bhaiya.

Priya blushes and after a pause.

What? You want to??? I mean we are. . . .

And before she could say anything I hold her one hand and put other on her waist pushed her body towards me and kissed her. Muaaaaaahhhh ahhhhhh it was so fucking good she was all red because of blushing I touched her ass and said ” you were saying sonething

Priya:do you have condoms?

I was so surprised to hear that I thought it would take a hell lot of time to convince her.

Yes jaan I have enough packets to satisfy your need. She huged me and her breast touched my cheast. I got into action ,removed her shirt and press her boobs from my hand she too kissed my neck and give a lovebite giving a perfect response. Ohhh bhaiya I was so hungry for your sex and im finally in your arms. Jaanu dont call me bhaiya call me hubby. She smiled and kissed one of my nipples, oh my hubby fuck your wife then. I immediately hold her waist and started kissing her whole body ,her body was all wet and warm after my all licking and kissing I pull out her panties, now she was conplete naked my penis was bursting in my underwear so I took it out. Woww bhaiya you have a very large penis I wonder how sakshi have take this whole?

I:what? How do you know I had sex with sakshi?(sakshi was my girl friend I have told her about sakshi, but not sex matter.

Priya: you told me once when you were high in alcohol.

Dont worry jaan it wont hurt, she just lay herself and said im all yours jaan please make me pregnent I will take  I -pill dont worry. After hearing this I got too excited and smooched her passionately we turn off the lights and let us fall for each other. I started rubbing her pussy wildly in response she was all red hot and moaning passionately, I kissed her forehead, her lips, neck, her boobs, her nipples, her waist, her navel even her underarms and her hips which she was not expecting and give a hell loud scream, scream full of lust, I  licked her pussy drink her cum and let her drink mine. Oh god that tasty cum of her let my hulk provoked and I fucked her passionately she cried a lot begged me to take it out but I was not in mood living my sexy sis, I  fucked her hard, even sakshi would fell jealous to see my this performance.

Priya being shy at first after a proper dose of kissing and sex talking she too got in her climax and gave me a really never forgettable sex experience she took my penis in her mouth took deep throat, kissed my whole body gave me millions of love bites scratched my back in response of my hard core performance we took several naps but her smell made me crazy again I would again start with a full new stamina she after a few fuck was all tired and was almost in a position of fainting remained a numb body which I enjoyed best all she did was moaning ,moaning full of pain.

I feel so proud of my stamina priya also compliment my sex power and said my future wife would be extremely happy to get a person like me who doesnt need those sex pills for that extra stamina I was being blessed with a excellent sex power. Priya promised me that she will undress her anywhere on my single command, I had sex with other girls but fucking my real sister was a hot as hell experience. Priya even agreed to have sex anytime in future, I surely left a unforgettable experience ,at the end of the sex we both were tired and slept in each other arms. Our sex continues till 1 am in morning and we started at 8 pm, during our incest I made her cry, moan, laugh and of course we were actually now husband and wife.

Frirnds in my next story you would read how I fucked surabhi my cousin sister who was married and a mother of two,all my readers who are intersted in their sister, smell their panties, imagine fucking her please do your best efforts to get her body you never know when your fantasy may ended in a reality

Thank you, Love you all, Adi. Comment me and it will give my penis a pleasure! For girls and bhabhis who want my penis, give me your email in comment and I will reply you.

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