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Hi I am raj this is a true story. During my holidays in summer I visited my home in gujarat. I live in a row house. They are just near and next to each other. Aunty sheela used to live just behind my house. She was in her 30’s. She had 3 children, but her figure was so attractive and maintained that I really wanted her so badly, I wanted to feel her body, but had no courage to make any move. I used to masturbate thinking of her hot bra and panty as well. (Friends I love to sniff bra and panty)

One night I was watching fifa world cup at night. It finished at 1:30. I just went out at the back of my house. In sheela’s bungalow clothes were laid to get dry. I just climbed the wall and went in their house corridor. I was frightened but then regain the strength and started looking for sheela’s bra and panty. After a while I found both of them. Then I rushed to my house and took a close look on them. They were just beautiful. The size of her panty was so huge that I was astonished and the smell was really sweet. I masturbated on her clothes and then kept them at there place again. It was the a routine for another 5 days.

But one night when I went there it was all quite as usual. As I picked up bra and panty, there was light in her house. I was frightened. Sheela came out of her home and saw that her bra and panty were not there. I was hiding just across the washing machine. She saw that the back door of my house was open. I thought that she would start shouting and will come into my house to look for her undergarments. But she just went back to her house. There was relief in me. I then just kept back those clothes again and went inside my house.

I thought it was over, I didn’t visited her house again for 2 days. Then at one day when I was cleaning my bike at the back f my house she came there. I was frightened that she would ask me about that night. But she said “What happened raj u r not visiting at night?” I said ” I  don’t know what r u talking about”. She said ” come on raj I know about u boys u all just like to jerk in those panties. By the way when r u going back?” by listening this I was frightened. Then I replied ” I  will go by next week.”

She said “Ur uncle is out for a week to visit my in laws. I would be happy if u would show me some good time. Come at night sharp 1:30.”

I said ” I  will see if I will be able to.”

Then she just grabbed my cock and said that ” I  like ur taste”.

At night I went into her house. The back door was left open for me. I had just sprayed the delay spray on my cock so that I could fuck her whole night non stop. I went in it was all black out. I tried searching for lights, but then I felt someone grabbing my cock. She took a hold on my cock and took me to her room. There she turned on the lights. By looking at her I was astonished. I had never seen her in so much beautiful outfit. She was wearing only saree, no blouse, no bra, I hoped no panty. It was red color saree. She said “U have seen enough of my undergarments, so no use in seeing them, lets begin the action.”

I just jumped on her and stared kissing on her cheek and then we did french kiss for about 5 minutes. Then she said “U like these boobs, cmon beta suck them…”. I started sucking her boobs and she started moaning. She made noise’s like “Ohssshhh raj beta suck me”. In meanwhile I lifted her saree and started fingering her. She had a clean shaved pussy. It was too hot. She started moaning even louder…….”Ah.Ah.Ah……….Keep on doing ………..Don’t stop…Don’t stop…..Oohhhhhhhhh……..”. Her body was damn hot and she didn’t resist when I kiss so I moved a bit upward and kissed her thighs and then the sweet hairy area, now she was spreading her legs in v position and lean a bit forward from the chair. I was busy licking her sweet hot cunt which was full of juices. She was pressing my head towards her cunt she was applying a lot of pressure on my head by pushing. I could smell the romantic and arousing smell of her shower jell in between her legs under her tummy. The she started stroking my cock. She told that she never gave a blowjob. I taught her slowly and really she started taking gook care of it. Due to delay spray I was also enjoying. She gave me blowjob for about 10 minutes. Then I took her in my arms from the back and started kissing her again.She asked me to put my cock inside her and fuck her as hard as I can, and I asked her about whether to use a condom or not. She got up from the chair and gave a long kiss on my lips by sucking my tong and said there’s no need for condoms since she in safe periods and she’s using birth control pills too.My dick was like a piece of iron, already overflowing with the love juice. Even in wet condition it was hard to push into her hole, it slips several times and she guided mine into hers. Wow it was like flying, it felt so good and since I was getting such nice figure and pussy after a very long time, I was in full speed and she was moaning like hell.

She was yelling, yes raj, you are my care taker, take care of me, I am sex starving. My hubby never took care of me. You are the right person to give me all the pleasure. Darling raj, never leave me. Keep me happy, saying all these she was caressing and kissing me. She kept saying all these to me continuously. I can feel that she has lots of love for me. I swear, I also love her so much, and that I proved by giving her full satisfaction. I fucked her in different positions. We fucked for about 20 minuted the I cummed all over her face…She drank all of it. We hugged each other and stayed in bed for sometime, after kissing for a while my member came back to life and she held it and told me that she wanted to suck it, I gave it with pleasure and this was the most amazing feeling. Then we went to bathroom and started cleaning each other body. My cock was again in its full strength. I again fucked her in the bathroom. I really enjoyed that night . I went to my home at 5:30 a.M. After that day I fucked he continuously for 6 more days. The my college were started so I came back. But I promised her that I would never let her feel alone. Today also we have phone sex whenever she is free at night…..

copied from : sucksex.com/aunties/caught-stealing-auntys-panty/

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