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The day my mom opened her tight blouse to show me her huge watermelons

Hi friends my name is Santosh today I will tell about my incest story in between me and my mom anjali we are middle class family with limited earnings my father used to work in bank but my mom is housewife so the story is such that it happened when I was 20 years old I lived in nanded maharashtra lived on rent basis the house were I lived was bit old type and we were on top floor and owner on ground floor owner had daughter who was 26 at that time whose name was rani she was too beautiful having at least 36c cups there bathroom was behind where my homes small terrace was I could watch her bathing and undressing while bathing from the top while hiding from others that bathroom didnt even had ceiling so from top anyone could see her countless times I have seen her bathing and undressing on bra & panties but one day I was caught by my mom it was morning day and she came for bathing and started undressing I was lost in my world while my mom called me for having milk after several calling I didnt respond to see what has happened she came seeing me on small terrace and what she saw made her bit shock and bit shy that her son at the age of 8 seeing girl naked and enjoying but she took me from there and I felt bit guilty and uncomfortable my mom scolded me bit but not too much and said never to see her ask me whatever you want she said first I didnt understand what she said but later got it.

My father works in bank so he goes by 10 am after 10 am he went for office and me and my mom were alone I was feeling guilty that I got caught soon my mom came in my room seeing me she said what is your problem why do you see her undressing every time my mom was bold enough to ask anything I was quite silent even after repeating I didnt answered her she again asked this time she was wearing sari after I saw her & her blouse was not adjusted properly and I could see cleavage after noticing moms cleavage I got turned on again and was continuously staring at line between boobs while she was asking I was still silent she came to know where my eyes are focused she said why are you seeing me like that and dont stare on my cleavage but I didnt listen this time I said I want to see cleavage of you because.

I had that curiosity whats underneath because I was small at that age and not had this much sense I said I want to watch whats inside cleavage because I wanted to see my moms cleavage after listening this mom got bit shock and said why you want to see that I just told just one time please while looking down after several asking she said you really wan t to see cleavage I nodded in yes she said ok now I will be back in 2 minutes she got up to close the door so no one could come at home after 5 minutes she came I was there only she got on the bad leaning against wall and said to come and sit on my stomach I agreed and sat there now we were facing each other now she unbuttoned her tight blouse by opening the pins from front side earlier pins were at front side nowadays they are at backside in blouse ,so after opening that she thrown the blouse on floor and when I look into her eyes she was not even shy nothing she had that bold attitude her eyes were looking confident and she was bit naughty with me now after opening blouse she was in front of me those 38dd mountains were dangling and dancing before me.

I was very much excited and my mom said in see thats what you wanted to see right she asked I nodded but said I want see underneath the cleavage so I requested mom to widespread her boobs with two hands spreading so I can see whats under but she replied theres nothing there you are too naughty to ask such things but after several time asking see did widespread of her breast holding them away from each other and I got to see under the cleavage I was smiling while seeing this scene and even touched there and slipped my hand in that deep cleavage.

But I had one more wish to do wanted to put my face into that deep cleavage so asked with low voice can I put my face into that for 1-2 minutes just to see how it feels now as that all limits were already crossed mom didn’t hesitate and said for that I have to open the bra also she said ok son take your hands on my back and unhook it

Hearing this, I did it very quickly and after removing what I saw was really very hot they were dangling and dancing in front of me the areolas were dark and big nipples were straight pointed this time didn’t hesitate to take the pinch of two hands to that sexy nipples I did it and said I want to put my face so mom said come closer she again did widespread of boobs with hand and said head on I adjusted my self and got into position to face and did put it and after facing in those 38 dd I felt the warmth of that cleavage and I was in heaven being warmth I could not breathe

So after10-12 seconds I would come out of that cleavage to breathe I did this 2-3 times I was having fun in them but now after 2-3 times my nasty mom when I got again into cleavage she pressed her boobs heavily against my face and I couldn’t breathe properly and said please I want to come out I begged and pleaded to my mom but she didnt listen to me she was enjoying my face and my tongue licking her smooth and wide cleavage while this I could hear her laughing teasingly. This was my real story of incest with my mom anjali hope you like it rate it and comment it.

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